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Kids & Family Yoga


Why Kids & Family Yoga?

Kids & Family Yoga allows you to share the practice with the ones you love.  If you've experienced the benefits of prenatal and postnatal yoga, there is no reason not to continue!  All of baby’s developmental milestones are yoga poses. From Child’s pose to Tree pose, yoga is the path from newborn to walking. Babies connect with their bodies and bond with parents. Parents build skills that help raise healthy, happy and successful children. A community of yoga can be very nurturing for the whole family!


Children benefit from mindfulness, movement and meditation practices early in life. Yoga is the path to self-regulation and self-discovery, which are essential to building identity and confidence to solve problems in today’s challenging environment. Kids are facing a mental health crisis. Anxiety, depression and suicide rates are up. Nearly half (50%) of today's children will develop a mood disorder, behavioral disorder or substance abuse problem by age 18. 


Yoga is an answer.  No other activity yields all its benefits. It unites body, mind and heart so kids can succeed at every stage of growth. Yoga helps kids and families connect and build life skills to realize their full potential. Besides the well-known benefits of strength, flexibility, focus, balance, coordination and relaxation, Yoga is safe, self-competitive and fun! 

Weekly Kids & Family Yoga Schedule

All class times are Pacific Time.

Online classes are available!



10:30 - 11:20 in-person

Michelle Wing at It's Yoga Kids®

Baby + Toddler


4:00 - 5:00 in-person

Michelle Wing at It's Yoga Kids®

Kids Yoga


1:00pm-1:15pm, Online

Jane Austin

Baby Yoga


Elise Collins

Kids age 4-10


11:00am-11:30am, Outside

Michelle Wing at It's Yoga Kids®

IYK® Baby + Toddler


10:30pm-12:15pm, In-Person

 Michelle Wing at It's Yoga Kids®

Family Yoga

Visit It's Yoga Kids® for more kids, teens and adult classes.

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